Natalya Ryzhikh

Natalya Ryzhikh was born in Siberia,Russia. She has been dancing since she was 5 at the Ballet School “Grace”. When she was 16, she left ballet to study modern dance. The love and the passion for dancing have always been part of her life and they brought her to study also choreography.

Natalya got in touch with the pole dance in 2006 and felt in love with this discipline. She started as self taught and she has been teaching in Turin since 2011.
- 2011" Best Free Style "at Interregional Pole Dance Championship, Bologna, Italy
- 2011 3rd place at 1° Vertical Dolls Trophy, Rome, Italy
- 2013 1st place, Senior Category at 3° Italian Polegymnastic Championship
- 2015 1st place, Elite Master Category at Interregional Pole Sport Championship, Italy
- 2015 1st place at Pole Theatre Croatia, Category Pro Classique
- 2016: 1st place at Pole Theatre Italy , Category Pro Classique
- 2016 and 2017: Finalist at Pole Theatre Paris, Category Pro Classique
-2017 Finalist "Paranoia " Moscow
-2019 2nd place Exotic Generation Italy , Category Theatre

In 2015 she has been organized the. First Turin Pole Show .
She is the founder and the owner of Turin Pole Dance Studio (since January 2014 )
She is creator " Exotic Moon " the FIRST European Exotic PD Competition ( since may 2016 )
She is creator " Polecouture" clothes for poledance.