Cristiana Bembo

She comes from a background in Dance, Gymnastics and ice-skating at the age of 4 she started her artistic and sports career with Ballet. In the years to come she ventured into Modern Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics, up to the age of 12. She thought ice-skating to kids till she turned 16 while she was also rowing crew at a pretty high level.  

Cristiana's first experiences in Pole Dancing in 2011 is a game changer: she is hooked from day one, to the point that she soon turns her passion into a professional career, obtaining her first certification as a Pole Fitness Instructor through the Bodybarre Workout Programme: Bronzelevel (beginners), Silver (intermediate), Gold (advanced), Platinum (Pro).

Also in 2011 she becomes an X-PERT POLE-FITNESS INSTRUCTOR and recently an X-PERT FLEXIBILITY FLOW INSTRUCTOR and is now an Xpert Master Trainer Assistant.

She s an Antigravity Yoga instructor since 2015.


She s been judging pole competition for the last 7 years, initially as IPSF JUDGE and later as POSA NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL JUDGE.

She s become a POSA JUDGES MASTER TRAINER 3 years ago, and keeps being involved with the Federation.

She has been a Pole Judge FOR THE PAST 7 years, judging both Sport and Artistic Competitions.

She s judged over 50 comps all around the world, among which

most Pole Sport National Championship around Europe.

Ipsf World Judge 2015

Posa Worlds Superior Jury 2016

Posa European Championship 2017

Posa World Judge 2017

PoleArt Spain Head Judge 2017

Championnat de FrancedePoleDance2017

Posa World Judge 2018

MPDC Judge 2018 and 2019

Ipsf/Posa Italian Pole Sport Championship 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019


Hosted POLE ART ITALY 2016

             POLE ART SPAIN 2015/2016

             BATTLE OF THE POLE SWISS 2016

She has also judged Battle of the Pole in Prague and in Mallorca


Currently she is the owner and main instructor at Gotha Studio in Rome, Italy.