Anastasia Mila

Russian Exotic Pole Choreographer.

Winner and judge of many Exotic Pole competition.

Has a huge experience in teaching pole from very beginning to competitive levels.

 Last years she has been intensively developing in different dance directions, especially high heels, she always attends


dance lessons, workshops of top dancers, she is a member of dance team and she participates in 

different projects and festivals.

2nd place at Baltic Festival «Pole Emotion-2017, Riga

3rd place at Pole Theatre Switzerland, 2017

Winner of Pole Dance «REVOLUTION» 2016, Petrozavodsk

3rd place at «POLE STAR FINAL» 2015, Saint Petersburg

Winner at «New Wave» 2015, Saint Petersburg

Winner of «Exotic Queen» 2015 in Double devision, Moscow

3rd place at «POLE STAR» 2015, Samara

2nd place at «JUST DANCE» festival 2015 in High Heels groups (team «Dozen o One»), Saint Petersburg

Winner of Pole Theatre Hungary 2018 Classique Pro Category