Davide Lacagnina

Davide has a very impressive history in the field of gymnastics, winning several times, the National Aerobic Championships, both individually and with his team. He gained entry to the World Championships of Aerobics 3 times, from 1997 - 2000, as well as 3 World Cups (1997, 2009 and 2010), where he took the bronze medal at the World Aerobic Grand Prix 1997 in Prague. In 2009, he and his partner, Alessandra, placed 7th in Mixed Pairs at the Suzuki World Cup in Tokyo. It comes as no surprise therefore that Davide is not only an international aerobics gymnastics judge, a gymnastics coach (Italian Federation of Gymnastic) and coach of the national team of FISAC (Italian Federation of Sports Acrobatic and Choreographic). He was a Member of the Technical Committee of International Pole Sports Federation as Scoring Representative, and he also judged at a number of IPSF international competitions. Davide became a Master Trainer for IPSF, and Head Judge. In December 2015, he left the IPSF, and he was named to lead (as President), the new Pole Sport International Federation called POSA (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation). extracted from the POSA website